About Clinical Supervision

Glasgow Psychological Services are able to offer clinical supervision services for therapeutic practitioners and allied professionals on both a one to one basis as well as for groups and teams.

We provide a supportive alliance between you and your supervisor, in order that you can develop and maintain the highest possible standards in your clinical work as well as to grow your professional skills as a mental health practitioner.

Supervision with either Dr Emma Field or Dr Morven Templeton has two aims; firstly, supervision ensures your practice has a sound ethical basis and helps to protect your clients by involving an independent third party in your work with your clients. This helps to reduce the risk of oversight or the overstepping of boundaries and encourages reflection on your work, thoughts, feelings, interactions and wider approach with your clients. Secondly, supervision provides a safe, supportive space in which you can consider the impact of your therapeutic work on your personal well-being and explore your own development needs.

Dr Emma Field received supervision training by the British Psychological Society and is on their Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS). She is able to provide experienced supervisory support to fellow professionals on a one-to-one basis using a collaborative, compassionate approach underpinned by extensive knowledge and training in different therapeutic models and ways of working. Emma prioritises developing a good working relationship with her supervisees where trust is a foundation for exploration and reflection, and development is at the pace of the supervisee. Email Emma

Dr Morven Templeton is an experienced and skilled clinical supervisor who delivers a structured and collaborative supervision model as developed by Dr Linda Charles (SACS) and received her training within the British Psychological Society. While not afraid to challenge within a safe and supportive environment, Morven encourages supervisees to reflect both in practice and on practice and has experience of working with both individuals and groups. Email Morven

It is recognised that supervisees have requirements that may change over time and so, supervision can be offered on a regular, ad hoc or one-off basis.


Fees for supervisory services vary according to the requirements of individual practitioners and groups. We can offer either face to face sessions in our central Glasgow office, for individuals and groups or, alternatively, online sessions.  There are a range of daytime and evening times available on request.